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Katie T.

After attending Mesa public school for 3 months and watching my bright daughter start to dislike learning and the teachers ignore what she needed, I decided to make a change.  EVA is a very small school run by 2 amazing teachers. There is no funny business, no bad kids wasting everyone's time, and if you need to meet with a'll see them when you drop your child off or pick them up, it's that easy. From the first day my daughter came home she was pumped about reading and learning again. I was amazed at how they worked with her at her pace, not the pace of 30 other kids, which allowed her to flourish (kindergartener reading at a 3rd grade level.) And she would come home talking about relevant news topics, Spanish, civics, and high level math. But the most important thing, she LOVED school and learning again. They did many field trips, activities, a school play and even learned Polynesian dance. It was truly an enriching year for our daughter and for us! We love EVA!

Ann W.

I'm so happy that my granddaughter attends East Valley Academy, and I can't imagine her anywhere else.  She spent her first two years of schooling in public school, falling steadily more and more behind, and growing ever more discouraged. Then my daughter found EVA, and my granddaughter has blossomed!  In two months, she had caught up two years worth in her reading and math, and from there on in, she just surged ahead!   The teachers convey a love of learning, and they are dedicated to teaching to each and every child -- if they weren't, they could have retired by now and be relaxing on a beach somewhere, but the children mean too much to them.  I'm very grateful to them for providing such an excellent academic environment!

Danny R.

After several years in the public school system we decided to pull our children from the public school system.  Our children weren't enjoying learning and would cry about homework every day.  We decided to home school them.  After a year it was not working for them or us.  We had a family friend recommend East Valley Academy Charter School to us.  We were not comfortable sending them back to the public school system but didn't think we were doing them any good home schooling them.  We decided to give East Valley a try.  Initially it was weird  because the school isn't operated like a public school.  We soon found out that learning and the love of learning is key at this school.  We had four children attending for the year of 2016-2017 and they all thrived at EVA.  They loved learning and would come home and continue to talk to each other about what they were learning.  They all were reading and doing math at several levels above their grades.  My kindergartner was reading at a third grade level and my sixth grader tested into algebra 1 as a seventh grader at Heritage Academy.  As parents we are very pleased with the instruction our children have received.  It is a no nonsense school and the kids work hard.  In the hard work they have fostered a love for learning.

Kristen B.

There is so much I like about this school. I was homeschooling my second grade daughter after a not so productive public school year. After about two months, I heard about this school and thought we'd give it a try. She started about a grade level behind in reading and math. Not only did the teachers work with her to bring her up to par in all areas, she finished the school year ahead in reading and vocabulary. The teachers keep the kids excited to learn. My daughter came home many days telling me about what they were learning in Science and History. The readers have excerpts, condensed, and full texts of classic children's stories, fairy tales, poems, biographies and more. I never understood why many schools try to teach kids to read with boring readers or texts with no literary value ... They appreciate donations in time and money, but don't waste precious time on fundraisers. There were also multiple field trips, a play, and an end of the year Luau where the kids learned different kinds of Polynesian dances and performed them. Bottom Line-East Valley Academy is a school where the teachers are proud of their job, and the students LEARN.

Joanne W.

I can't say enough good things about East Valley Academy. During her last two years here my daughter has flourished. She learned more in the first two months than she did in the previous two years at her public school. I truly can't see her having this level of success at any other school. She has even scored high on more difficult tests than most high school students take. Ms. Stoeppelmann and Mr. Ryan are excellent teachers, with years of experience, who have such finesse with conveying the information that the kids thoroughly learn it. There is a sense of community among parents and kids. EVA is there solely to teach kids and help them reach their potential. They care greatly about these kids.

Sharlene P.

After moving to Mesa and looking at the public school reviews, I was bound and determined to find a better school for my kids to attend, even if it meant I had to drive! Luckily, I found East Valley Academy not too far from my new home. That was four years ago and I have to say that I couldn't imagine my kids attending another school. This school offers what we all want for our children that public schools don't offer. It's small, yes, and that is a huge bonus. Kid to teacher ratio is outstanding! The two classes for all grades is another advantage over other schools. These kids learn together and help each other! They also devote more time to learning the basics. They do plays and take field trips often and they have holiday parties that you can even bake for! My son was reading after only two months in kindergarten and now is reading at a 6th grade level in 3rd grade. My daughter ranked top 3% in the nation for her math skills on the state test in 3rd grade and she just recently tested into Algebra 1 for 7th grade that she will obtain high school credit for!

Joanna W.

East Valley has been a wonderful experience for my sons. I highly recommend East Valley Academy for their excellent academic standards. The teachers are extremely professional. Any child who attends this school will graduate stronger and more confident in their abilities.

Tamara L.

Recently, my daughter was noted as the only participant in her local summer program's group (grouped by grade) to be able to write a book report on a book they collectively selected and read for their summer reading program. I believe this points to the efficacy of East Valley Academy's long-term instruction and tutelage of our daughter. My daughter has been attending EVA since she was in kindergarten and will be entering her final 6th grade year this fall. I have kept her enrolled at EVA as Mr. Ryan and Ms. Stoeppelman instill a rare spirit of learning in their students which is evident in their method of instruction. Her father and I were drawn to the "one room schoolhouse" form of instruction as it encourages students to learn from their older peers and in turn teach their younger peers as they matriculate through each grade. Furthermore, EVA consistently aspires to connect students to what is occurring beyond the classroom. My daughter is very attuned to local, national and global current events and how they are shaped by historical trends. I am often amazed by the level of coursework (math, writing, history, etc.) she brings home and even more astounded by her motivation to excel in these subject areas purely out of respect for learning! I believe this spirit of learning is accentuated by the field trip excursions to various sites throughout the site. For instance, students have visited Tuzigoot National Monument, Fossil Creek, the World Wildlife Zoo, the Mining and Mineral Museum, and a local theater's production of Shakespeare. Additionally, theater arts, music and the fine arts are also offered with focus on theater. Every year, two to three plays are produced and performed at the school. My daughter has benefited from the theater program as she is a natural introvert. The theater program has give! n her th e confidence to flex her extroverted traits when necessary. Truly, for all of the reasons noted in this testimonial, I highly recommend EVA to any parent who is seeking a school that will provide consistent and quality instruction that will result in an inherent respect for learning which often gets lost in conventional schools.

Mrs. Sandra Correa, Ph.D

"When I was studying to become a Ph.D in Spanish and having two boys in East Valley Academy I thought it would be a good idea to volunteer as a Spanish instructor for E.V.A. Both principals of E.V.A. gave me the thumbs up on this project. I taught conversational Spanish as well as some Spanish grammar. The children of E.V.A. loved it. It was fun and they’re learning to speak a new language. I’m glad my boys are part of this great school".

Mr. Roberto Hernandez, Architect

"East Valley Academy is a great school. My two boys are and have been students in E.V.A. Mr. Ryan, one of the two principals in the school, invites me on several occasions to come and speak to the children about the history of Gothic architecture and how to correctly draw and read a floor plan. I'm happy to volunteer for E.V.A. I know my children are receiving the best education possible in the state of AZ".

Mrs. Rebecca Begay, Former Parent

”My daughter did really well on her AIMS. Her scores were good enough that she skipped reading for 7th grade and tested into the higher math class too. She is going to test to see if she can get into the advanced English, Social Studies and Science classes. I’ll let you know how she does. Thanks for all your years of service and teaching of my four girls. They really learned a lot from you and benefited from being in your school.”

Mrs. Sherrie Miller, Former Parent

”I wanted to thank both of you for the amazing job you did with the kids this year. When they entered school here in New Jersey, I was curious to see how the schools would stack up against each other. You should be proud of the fact that for both children, you were miles ahead. My son ended the year with not a single grade below 96 and made High Honor Roll. His teachers were impressed with his knowledge of history and science, and commented on his writing ability, especially poetry. My daughter didn't get a report card here because they don't give numerical grades for classwork and home work, only tests, (what the heck is that?!?) and they didn't have enough tests to give her an appropriate average. However, she was consistently ahead of her classmates to the point where the teacher asked her to teach her classmates how to tell time because she was the only one who knew how! She was also the only child in her class who was reading chapter books. Overall, being in the schools here in New Jersey has given us a stronger appreciation for East Valley Academy. While the schools here are miles better than the Arizona public school system, they still aren't up to the standards of EVA. We hope that you know how grateful we are for all the hard work and dedication you put into each day at EVA. I wish that more educators were as motivated and focused.”

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